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Disney Underwear Ads, thanks john

Prince Philip
Prince Eric
Milo J
Jim Hawkins
John Smith
my personal fave :)~~~~

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The last one looks like stuart koe! LOL

Disney never looked so sexxxxyyyyy... lovely! lol...

shhhhhhhhh!!! stop spilling out my crush's name hahaha

oooh lala.. not bad. not bad at all. prince eric looks hawt! haha... though i think tarzan has the best bod.. i wonder if they did one for the princesses...

Ingenious! Me likey John Smith's (and his tribal stripes look hawt!!!) :P

Who's the artist, btw?

prince eric i will be part of your world!!! i am the little mermaid so its my destiny to be with a prince eric haha.

btw..i dont get it. who's your fave? i cant recognize it from any disney movie

I think if I recall correctly that's David from Lilo & Stitch...
But I might be wrong... >.>

correct! 5 pts to allyoucaneater!

i like the aladdin one... heeheee... can see curves

o i thought it is because he is wearing a jockstrap, so btm.. hahhaha

ahahaa.. aladdin does look btm doesn't he? i knew princess jasmine and aladdin were merely sistas...

haha you didn't know?! a whole new world was him singing about coming out of the closet.. hahah

really? hahaha. i didnt know. anything on prince eric and ariel? is prince eric a bottom or top? i would love to know. and they really should put one on princesses, that'll be interesting haha. btw,whats a jockstrap? shameful of a faghag not to know but still,heh. i always thought aladdin looked like a kid, so tweeny, couldnt see him as hot and manly.

omg... seriously... can someone pls explain to this clueless woman what a jockstrap is..

now tat u mention.. oh yah!!!

I think Kocoum and John Smith makes a lovely couple. And David looks a little like Kimchi Rain.

hahahah k...

added you as a friend! :)

Prince Eric and Alladin are definitely hot

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